Green Cleaning

Why Green Cleaning?

Toxicity: The Facts….!

One of the most important goals at Green Sweep Cleaning is to provide a healthy, environmentally friendly cleaning service for all of our clients. Traditional cleaning agents infect our lungs with carcinogens, barrage the strength of our immune system, and expose us to unnecessary physical stress. They are also slow to biodegrade, often remaining present in the earth’s soil and environment for generations. For these reasons, as an alternative to harsh traditional cleaners, we offer The Green Clean Service, which uses only nontoxic and environmentally friendly cleaning agents for all of our house cleaning and janitorial services.

–A 15 year study in Oregon, comparing women who didn’t work outside the home with women who did, found a 54% higher death rate from cancer in the women who stayed at home. The study suggested that chronic exposure to cleaning products played a role.

–”Household (and commercial) cleaning products rank among the most toxic everyday substances to which people are exposed…most chemical brands are not safe. Some especially toxic household cleaners include ammonia, chlorine bleach, aerosol propellants, detergents, petroleum distillates and toluene (all found in common commercial office building cleaners). Many of these substances not only harm the skin; they also give off toxic fumes that affect the person using the product and everyone else. Symptoms from the flu to headaches have been associated with products we use to clean our furniture, bathrooms and clothes, as well as air fresheners to keep our bathrooms smelling pleasant (Raymond Francis, M.Sc., Never Be Sick Again).”

–EPA studies of human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2-5 times, and occasionally, more than 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Cleaning products and other household products are among the many culprits (Environmental Protection Agency-EPA).

–Approximately 85,000 chemicals are in use today. According to the Breast Cancer Fund, complete toxicological screening data is available for only 7% of these chemicals, and more than 90% have never been tested for their effects on human health. (Breast Cancer Fund)

Green Sweep Cleaning only uses biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products. These products have proven to clean just as well if not better than traditional cleaning products without the side effects associated with the use of toxic chemical cleaners.

Making your home or office safer for your family and employees

Some tips to make your home or office safer

1) Open the windows and get plenty of fresh air circulation
2) Be especially wary of antibacterial cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, paints, stains, aerosol sprays, and air fresheners
3) Instead use all naturally based non-toxic cleaners
4) Fill your home with houseplants to help clean your air
5) Avoid the following chemicals: alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), ammonia, antibacterials, butyl cellosolve, chlorine bleach, diethanolamine, fragrance, phosphates, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate
6) Look for products that are non-toxic, biodegradable
7) Manufacturers that give plenty of information on their products
8) Readily available green cleaning manufacturers include: Simple Green, Seventh Generation, Green Works, Method, and others.